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Welcome to PR Checker. We offer free automated PR services to check your google page rank instantaneously using our online page rank check tool. PR Checker is your answer if you:

  • * Need greater volumes of visitors promptly
  • * Seek to target visitors from specific countries
  • * Need to test marketing campaigns
  • * Are looking for prompt sales and click-through
  • * Have time-specific launches and promotions

There are many misconceptions about the worth of a website not only in terms of the cost one would buy or sell it for, but also when it comes to the marketing potential any particular domain or site may have.

Web ranking services such as those we can provide use a variety of factors to determine the actual worth of any website, including web ranking, daily traffic, ad revenue, the number and quality of the links pointing back to the site itself, as well as many other criteria that can prove to be important for the long term success of a website’s owner.

Web Ranking and the Actual Worth of a Website

Web rankings are considered to represent one of the most significant criteria when it comes to determining accurate website worth. Also referred to as web analytics or web measurement, these rankings are established by specific systems that use measurable factors which would affect traffic rates and online exposure.

Here are some of the main factors used in creating a more valid overview of website rankings:

  • Page views – These represent the number of visits the website has recorded, whether they are the same ones returning for more information and insight or unique visitors who have only just learned about the site.
  • Unique visitors – This is one of the most important factors that apply to virtually any type of site. Whether you own a simple blog, an online retail store or social membership sites, the number of unique visitors is often an essential statistic when it comes to determining both the site’s worth and actual traffic rating.
  • Number of backlinks – The number of links pointing back to the site in question (also called backlinks) are used by many ranking systems across the web, including some of the most popular ones such as Google PageRank. Most webmasters are interested in building as many quality backlinks as possible, as these can improve both their sites’ ranking in SERPs and their ability to drive targeted traffic based on keywords people use in search engines.
  • User sessions – Each website that offers some form of membership uses sessions to track when a user signs on for functional, statistical and security purposes. The number of each new session created can present valid information about a website’s true worth.

Different ranking systems, such as the Alexa, PageRank or Page Authority rankings use several, all or even more factors such as those presented above in order to establish the worth of a site in terms of its potential for bringing profit to the company or individual that owns it.

As a result, a service that would determine the monetary worth of a website uses algorithms that take these ratings into account, making it possible to create a complete picture of the site’s value based on the US dollar.

Assessing Your Site’s Value

The algorithms we use to determine the worth of a website stretch beyond taking into account the ratings provided by sources such as Alexa or PageRank. The domain name and extension of a site, the age of the domain, the number of high PR backlinks and many other criteria are also involved and often assessed separately for the purpose of determining website worth more accurately.

Domain appraisal is among the most significant methods of achieving this. The method represents an estimation of any online domain name’s value and sales price considering its current search engine rankings, daily web traffic and potential usability for various marketing and advertisement campaigns – mainly by converting the domain name itself into a valid trademark.

Also, you have to think about what you want to achieve with a certain site as a webmaster. For instance, just because one domain may have been used for years as a review and information source associated with a certain niche, it doesn’t mean that after you buy the domain you can use it with the same level of success as an online shop.

Sales and lead based metrics, for example, are very important for a site designed to make money. Through these services, any webmaster can find out exactly how many sales are completed via their storefronts and how many users are interested in content that can produce valid leads. You can even gain crucial information about your competitors by using these tools.

Assessing any website’s value can be a great way to gain insight on the niche you want your site to be a part of, which will help you determine your SEO and marketing campaign strategies in the long run. However, a more direct way of using the benefits that come with these tools is to actually build a better ranking and overall value for your own site.

Building a Higher Website Worth

Once you know a few of the factors that services designed to appraise a website’s worth would use, it becomes easy to set up a strategy for increasing the worth of your own site, whether you want to sell it or use it to gain popularity and sales exposure. Here are a few steps to consider:

  • The first thing to do is to use web metrics, keyword and market research to learn about the value your site can gain in your niche by being associated with certain keywords and types of backlinks.
  • Use a marketing campaign that includes building original, high quality onsite and offsite content, embedding keywords and links to your site to improve page rank, traffic rates and exposure.
  • Do some additional research to find out exactly what criteria various search engine web ranking systems use, and try to modify your website so that it will rank high for as many of them as possible.

Even though it can take a while to implement all the changes required for improving your website’s overall authority and worth, the good news is you never have to wait long for the stats to appear so you can see the fruits of your success. In most cases, it won’t take more than a day or two to see exactly how much your efforts for improving your website have really paid off.

Page Rank Monitoring and Improvements: Boost Your Web Ranking Results and Research Potential

Page ranking has evolved to a great extent in recent years, and it is often difficult for webmasters to keep track of all the changes that search engines make in an attempt to improve search results for regular internet users. While this can often result in thousands of dollars lost in marketing strategies and advertisement plans that are rendered virtually useless by a simple tweak in some domain or page authority ranking systems, for instance, there are still ways to ensure your ranking success before this happens – with the use of, a reliable page ranking site that will present you with all the tools, information and resources you will need. About Page Ranking and Its Benefits There are several good reasons why our page ranking site can be of use not only when it comes to making more money with your website, but also in terms of improving the authority of your business, gaining thought leadership with your brand and influencing more visitors and followers to support your business in the long run. Basically, web ranking algorithms such as Alexa or Google PageRank all have their unique, constantly changing variables. This is precisely what makes achieving a high ranking in all of them not only a worthy challenge, but also a possibility to bring a wider range of visitors and customers to your site. Whether you’re a small merchant or the owner of a high end online store, ranking high on Google and other search engines can positively improve your chances of getting more traffic, leads and sales. A large percentage of all search engine users simply access the site located in the first position or at least on the first page of the search engine results associated with their keyword searches. Since page ranking influences SERPs to a great extent, this fact, along with the improved traffic you gain can represent a good enough reason to monitor and improve the rank of your website or specific pages.   The Most Popular Web Ranking Types Here are a few of the most important and well-known web ranking sites and methods that webmasters keep track of in order to ensure the highest possible overall ranking benefits for their websites:

  • Google PageRank: Quite possibly the most well-known criteria webmasters use to determine the value of a website, the Google PR is a scale from 0 to 10 calculated through a complex formula and designed to measure the number and quality of the links pointing back to your website. The results of this algorithm can greatly influence a website’s presence on Google SERPs.
  • Alexa ranking: This is another one of the most useful and valuable ranking tools based on the accurate assessment of ranking parameters such as page views and visits from internet users who have installed a tool known as the Alexa toolbar. The site uses a complex, traffic based ranking system that can prove invaluable to those interested in attracting more people to their websites.
  • Website worth: The “worth” of a website is basically its estimated monetary value based on the US dollar. It is based on many different types of criteria, including the ranking position that the site has on various sites like Google, Alexa or SEOmoz, as well as aspects such as traffic and page views, domain name, domain and website authority or backlink count.
  • SEOmoz ranking: This is a unique logarithmic algorithm that – similarly to the Google PageRank – produces a number between 0 and 10 to describe the value of a website based on the number and quality of the links pointing back to it. SEOmoz provides accurate information that can be used for any type of search engine ranking and also offers a wide range of tools which can be used for improving SEO and web ranking strategies.
  • Page authority: The authority algorithm designed exclusively for standalone web pages was also devised by SEOmoz as a precise numerical ranking system geared to assign a score from 1 to 100 that will show the strength of a single page to assist webmasters in obtaining highly detailed results while monitoring their websites’ progress relating to online authority and recognition.
  • SEMrush ranking: The SEMrush Rank algorithm is probably the most thorough and complicated keyword based ranking system and toolset, offering comprehensive reports, as well as detailed charts and statistics about any website’s organic and ad based keywords. Also, SEMrush can be a great tool for those using PPC strategies or marketers who want to gain detailed insight on their competitors.

What we are here to provide you with is the means by which you can benefit from what all the ranking systems presented above have to offer. Our resources and the information you can find on will help you determine the best type of ranking you’d want to pursue and find out more about how they work and how to build your strategies in such a way that they would help you gain a favorable ranking position when it comes to some or even all of these highly appraised ranking algorithms. Web Ranking and SEO Strategies The end result of a successful page rank enhancing plan will serve you many purposes in the long run; however, before reaping the benefits, you will have to do a lot of work to actually get there. Since the factors targeted by most ranking sites are aspects such as traffic and daily visitors, the number and quality of inbound links or the popularity of the keywords used within your website’s content, adopting an SEO and/or SEM strategy could possibly be the best course of action you can take to improve your ranking. Regardless of the techniques you are considering for your promotional campaign, we will place a variety of services at your disposal to help you in matters such as keyword research, boosting targeted traffic, creating quality content or building backlinks. We are here to make sure you find everything you need for your SEO needs and help you keep track of your and your competitors’ website ranking positions, as well as many other aspects that are crucial when it comes to achieving higher page ranks.